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«My MADINATUL QURAN», is an online Islamic Center providing online Quran tutoring services.

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«Dr. Noman from California, USA:» There’s a good mosque in our area but we don’t have time to pick and drop our children so this is a great program for us.

«Sarah Siddiqui from Canada:» I was very much disappointed not finding an expert Quran teacher in my locality. However, by studying in this online institute, me & my husband are very happy and satisfied.

«Muhammad Azhar from Belgium:» There isn't any Islamic centre nearby my residence and we were not able to drive our children to a centre which is far away. By the Grace of ALLAH we got to know about this Institute and now I am happy with their way of teaching.

«Muhammad Shabbir from Sweden:» Experience, sincerity, love & thirst for knowledge, discipline and hard work, are the tools of this Institute.

«Maliha A. Samad from Sharjah, UAE:»Our children were being taught by a teacher at our home but without Tajweed. We took trial in this Institute and Alhamdollilah now I am satisfied. Moreover, there is a monthly test system which allows me to keep track of their progress and I have not seen this test system in any other institute.

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