Our program is simple to follow and very flexible. We have individual classes so students and tutors are flexible on where to start. Tutors will assess the current level and will make the recommendation on where to start from like either from Alphabet or from Juz 2 based on student’s previous exposure to Arabic language. Classes are equally beneficial for children and adults.

Plans and Cost … (3 day free trial with each plan)

Given below are some of the plans available to meet your individual requirements. We can customize the plans based upon your schedule and individual needs. The default payment currency is US $.

Quran Classes

Plans Days/Week Duration Per Month
Plan A 2 days 30 minutes 35 $
Plan B 3 days 30 minutes 45 $
Plan C 4 days 30 minutes 60 $
Plan D 5 days 30 minutes 70 $
Plan E 6 days 30 minutes 80 $